Legal as well as ethical issues are an important part of every research. For the help of the researchers, there are certain international guidelines that are required for writing ethical issues in the research. Some of the main areas of ethics and legal issues related to the research are informed consent, providing incentives and confidentiality. There are various guidelines that have been extracted from previous research.
There are many guidelines for the clinical researchers that also involve human participants. The guidelines have highlighted that one of the main aims of the clinical research is to summarize the clinical findings that can help in benefiting the patients. Thereby the clinical researchers are known to follow the guidelines of Good Clinical Practice that highlight the ethics and legalities of the clinical research.

The second main area of guidelines includes the researchers and the research participants themselves. The ethical guidelines in these case highlight the fact that the researchers need to respect the research participants and the ideas that they give. The researchers need to make sure that they are beneficial to the research participants. They should not harm the participants in any way. One of the main facts that has been added by the guidelines is that the research should do good to the society. There should be no harm, aimed or unaimed, to be provided towards the society.

When the subject participating in the research does so willingly and on his own will, it is termed as informed consent. In these cases, it is important that the participants are not harmed. This is especially in the case of the clinical research. The subjects participating in the clinical trials should be informed of any changes and the important elements of the study. They should be informed of the methods that are being used. They should be prioritized in every way and they should be taken care of every step of the way.

The other main branch of research is the business. In this case there are many guidelines that have been provided to the researchers. One of the main elements of the business research includes the surveys and interviews that are an important part of the selected research methodology. The ethics and legal issues in these cases include anonymity of the participants in the aces of the interviews and surveys that are conducted. It is important that the researchparticipantsare informed of the main aims of the study and the research. In these cases, if any surveys are conducted, the research participants must be asked about their willingness to participate in the surveys. In addition, they should be informed that any information and response that is recorded by the participants in the research will remain anonymous and the given information will only be used for research and academic purpose.

These are some of the main guidelines that are to be followed by the researchers of their fields. The guidelines help the researchers in conducting the research in an ethical and legal way.