Why Do Teenagers Choose To Rebel?

Teenager rebellion is nothing new, because, rebellion children have been around since the first children inhibited the earth.  Remember Cain? A rebel is a person who resists or fights against power instead of obeying.  “No!” the rebel says.  “This has been going on too long.  This must change. I have my own thoughts and you must pay attention to them.”  Saying “no” means taking on risks and responsibilities.  A student rebel takes the risk of being expelled from school or being sent to prison.  He or she also takes the responsibility of interfering with students who do not desire to join the rebellion. Freedom fighters take the risk of being killed or imprisoned.  However, it is the most important point why do teenager choose to rebel. If you are unable to write an academic paper about teenager students, then you can get help from the expert's writer of dissertation proposal writing service. Let us discuss why teenager children become a rebel. 

Rebellions don’t just happen. Something has to cause them. 
·        First, there is a grumble (complaints).  These grievances have usually been ignored over a long period of time that people have become annoyed with the slow pace of change; they begin to feel that conditions are intolerable.  These grievances are fundamental causes or the most important causes of rebellion. If you want to stop rebel, it is most important to check all the problems that teenagers are facing. However, the ruler should take strict action in order to solve all these problems.
·        Second, there are the indications of trouble events that occur, because of a grievance.  A sign might be a demonstration, the formation of a protest group, the widespread reading of a revolutionary book, or a fight between opposing groups. However, it is most important to check all the predictions that can become a difficult part of students ‘life. You should provide all the facilities to your children. It is a very useful method to stop all the fever and fret that are coming in the life of a teenager.
·         Thirdly, struggle for attention, it is the most important thing that teenager often note,  they are ignored by their parents as well as teachers. A rebel said to himself, “ hey, look at me.” A father and mother who is always working and not paying attention to their child will find a child who pays attention to wrong things and wrong places. So it is most important for the parent to pay attention to their children in order to save them from the wrong things. You should check your children routine and habits.

·        Finally, there is a spark.  The spark is that event which generates the rebellion.  It is the instant cause of the rebellion.  It is not always easy to decide which things are underlying causes, which are indications, and which is the spark.  However, to make sense of any rebellion, it is useful to try and solve all the problems. 
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