5 Healthy Foods That Boost Your Mood In College

Healthy Foods
We know that our body needs some energy to perform some tasks. In order to fulfil the needs of the body, there require regular meals. To prevent our body from big hunger pangs, we have divided our food intake into parts and we try to eat at least three times a day. It is also a fact that these foods can also last some positive impacts on our mood. These foods are also helpful to us to lower our depression level. Here, experts of cheap dissertation writing services will discuss 5 healthy foods that can boost the mood of students in the college.

Chocolate: The people who are eating chocolate regularly know that chocolate can make a man happy. Nowadays, the results of scientific research also show that chocolate can bring happiness for a man. The researchers at the Nestle Research Center Switzerland have found that the highly stressed people can easily reduce the stress and cortisol hormones by eating chocolate on the daily basis. Its reason is that some antioxidants are found in the chocolate that can reduce the stress and cortisol hormones. Anyhow, the side effect of eating too much chocolate is that it can increase the calories in your body.

Salmon: In college, sometimes, the students face a lot of stress and they become anxious. Under such situation, salmon is the best food to boost up the mood of the students. Its reason is that salmon has Omega-3 fatty acids and these Omega-3 fatty acids are key mood-boosting nutrients. We can get these mood-boosting nutrients from our food only because our body is not able to produce these Omega-3 fatty acids. If the students can eat these supplements of Omega-3 before the exam, they can easily reduce their anxiety problems up to 20%.

Green tea: In college, there come some bad days. On these bad days, the mood and routine of the students are disturbed. The students can easily soothe their mood and routine by drinking a cup of green tea. According to an article of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, if we drink two to three cups of green tea even in our elder age, we can also get rid of depression.

Oysters: Oysters are also known as an aphrodisiac. The oysters are also helpful for college students to boost up their mood. Its reason is that these oysters are high in Zinc and Zinc is an essential nutrient for us to get rid of anxiety. The oysters can also improve the sleep quality of college students.

Blueberries: It is a fact that blueberries have the most antioxidant nutrients than any other food. Therefore, we can say that this is the best food for college students in order to boost up their mood. There are also some benefits of eating blueberries. The blueberries can also protect the brain from ageing and they can also improve our memory. According to recent research, the antioxidant nutrients that are present in the blueberries are also helpful for the people to treat PTSD and some other diseases.
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