The introduction and conclusion are the most essential parts of any piece of writing. In most belongings, these parts are the signs of your success and failure. In your essay, you can use some fact-finding techniques that are related to meetings, sampling and collecting information about the requirement, preferences, and problems. 
The introduction and conclusion are the most essential parts of any piece of writing. 

Some effective ways of making conclusions with initial fact findings.

Let's discuss some effective tips that you can use to make a conclusion with initial fact-finding.

Put Down The Main Idea

In the last paragraph, you should put down the main idea. You should keep in mind all the methods that you have used in the essay. If you have written a statement in the introduction part then it is most essential to reset it in the conclusion. No need to introduce new ideas in the last paragraph. You need to discuss the main problems of the topic. Check your structure that all paragraphs are inter-linked with each other. Divide your piece of work into plots and subplots.

Write A Quote

 Writing a quote in the last paragraph is very beneficial to gain high grades. No need to provide a detailed picture of the above essay. You should provide a short but effective picture of the whole essay. You should ask a thought-provoking question. A thought-provoking essay will be related to the natural problem that will grab the attention of the checker and will increase your position. No need to compare and contrast with another piece of writings. Initial fact findings are related to the problems of the essay; therefore, you must use some techniques. Your quotation should be suggestive and positive.

Don’t Repeat

Conclusions are not the blind repetition of the above discussion. You should not blindly follow the bottom of the essay. It is the last paragraph that is related to the main points. You should discuss all the main points. If you are repeating the same information then it will not fulfill the functions of an essay. For example: If you are writing a biography of the poet in your essay then you must write his writing style in the introduction. You should discuss the main ideas in the middle paragraphs and some poetic techniques that he has used in his poems but in the last paragraph, you should write a metaphor, conceit, and imagery that he has used in his style.

Give Suggestion

Making a powerful and effective conclusion is a challenging task but you can write it easily by following your structure. So, a clear conclusion depends on a clear structure of the essay. You should give some suggestions in the structure of the piece of writing then you should discuss in the last paragraph. No need to provide personal information and ideas. You should write just about the main points of the essay. Don’t write ineffectual words in the conclusions. You should adopt epigrammatize and pithy style in the last paragraph. Be concise and to the point. Provide your opinion if your piece of writing is related to the first person. Proofread and recheck your essay.