The education system of the UK is among the best education systems in the world. Their universities are consistently topping global ranking. They are also bringing some innovations in the field of teaching and research. But the problem is that they are facing some substantial obstacles in public schools. These substantial obstacles are showing that their education system requires plenty of room for improvement. The first problem is to underlie the problems to keep public schools on the right track. Here, we will discuss some major challenges that UK based public schools are facing.

1) Bullying

According to the writers of coursework writing service, Bullying is not a new problem in the UK based public schools but nowadays, it is lasting profound impact on learning aptitude of students. Technology has provided some new venues to bullies to torture their victims in the form of social networking sites and some other virtual interactions. Cyberbullying is a new trend and it is affecting students in various ways. Due to cyberbullying, lots of children have finished their lives. That’s why parents, teachers and administrators of public schools are facing lots of problems to legally handle bullying at their schools.

2) Student health

Obesity has become the most essential problem in UK based public schools. Its reason is that students of public schools in the UK have poor eating habits and these poor eating habits are leading obesity in students. Poor eating habits are also decreasing the achievement level of students. Due to obesity, the students are also facing some other major issues like high blood pressure and diabetes etc. These kinds of health issues are becoming the cause of higher absenteeism and lower academic performance of students. In order to improve the health conditions of students at UK-based public schools, they are running a national school lunch movement.

3) Parent involvement

For the kids' health guide, it is necessary for public school teachers to involve parents in the Parent Health Guide. Most teachers have reported that they are not able to find a happy medium for the involvement of parents in the Parent Health Guide. They have also reported that despite lots of problems, there are some parents who are not involved in school problems for the whole year. The parents are also not interfering with teachers for the educational progress of their children.

4) Student attitude and behaviours

Most public school teachers have also reported that the attitude of their students is not appropriate. Its reason is that they are not giving respect to their teachers. According to the report of ‘National Center for Educational Statistics’ has shown that disrespect, absenteeism of the students and tardiness have become major challenges for public school teachers.

5) Technology

According to the report of Kids Health Guide, due to lots of technological advancements, lots of students are more technologically advanced than their teachers. This thing is becoming a cause of disadvantage for teachers. According to the report of NEA, due to lots of attachments with advanced technology, most public school students are not showing interest in learning and doing homework. There are some students who are advanced technology savvy and they don’t pay enough attention to classroom activities.

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