Write a Blog Post That Will Go Viral
Writing a blog post that goes viral is the toughest thing these days because everyone considers themselves to be a blogger and write something to catch the attention of the web audience and make it big. However, it is easier said than done because the hardest thing about starting a new blog is just like waiting for a new tooth to grow as waiting to see if visitors will click on your content and read it is no easy thing. Sometimes you see that posts that are not worth a second glance get millions of views while posts that have been written after real hard work and research end up disappearing in the web jungle. The question here is that how then the mass publications manage to make their blog posts viral almost every other day and what do they do to make it so. The truth is that it is not luck but a strategy.

They have a magic formula when it comes to writing blog posts for a PhD dissertation writing service that go viral and earn hundreds and thousands of reads and likes within a few hours. It is all about highly customized content strategy which makes these posts shared by lots of people and they get spread all over social media and get millions of hits. We should not forget that content marketing is a highly profitable industry and it leads the strategies when it comes to digital marketing for B2B and marketers. If you are also contemplating how to come up with a great blog post that is full of information and knowledge for the readers and goes viral, go through these tips and you will be able to achieve your goal.

Try To Stick To What Is Already Popular And Working:
Instead of experimenting with something new that might not click with the readers, it is better that you stick to what is already popular and working and gets desired results. Observe what is going around you, what content is at the top and then re-create your version of the content differently and uniquely to attract the readers. It is important to look for blogs in your niche that are already viral, analyze them and find out what makes them so popular and try to work on the same lines. There are several popular blogs that you can visit in this regard or you can carry out audit content to discover the best blogs that relate to your subject matter. Using content research tools is also a good way to see which content is topping the charts; these tools include BuzzSumo, Google Trends, and Google Analytics and you will be able to find the top blog posts to work on.

Write A Blog That Clicks With The Audience:
Instead of writing a blog for yourself, write it for your audience as you are writing it so that more and more read, appreciate and share it. Put yourself in the readers’ shoes and develop content according to what they are thinking or going through. Some of the most common questions that you must ask yourself when working on a blog include what issues will it solve for the readers, how will it connect with them and what solutions are you proposing. Think carefully about how your blog post can help the readers and how well it will engage them and it will help you connect with a larger audience.

Keep The Readers’ Condition In Mind:
When you are working on a blog, do not forget the readers’ condition and mindset. These days a larger audience is connected to the internet or social media while they are at the office, in the supermarket, in the subway, at the doctor’s clinic or searching online while on the go and they do not have too much time to go through very long posts. The best thing to do in this regard is to come up with compelling content that hooks their interest right from the beginning and even if they are unable to go till the end, they bookmark it for later and share it with others as this is the way content goes viral.

Mark The Best Day For Publishing:
The day on which a blog post is published can have a significant impact on its readership so make sure to keep this aspect in the mind. Publishing blogs regularly is a great means like a SWOT analysis to keep the audience engaged but to make it viral, find the best days of the weeks when people are online and share the post. Many online tools demonstrate the popularity of content published on various days of the week so check them out to post your content on the best day. Every blogger aims to come up with a post that would go viral and earn them fame and recognition. However, to achieve this goal, you need to find out what factors are at work that helps to make a blog post go viral. Remember the discussed tips in mind to create a blog post that is shared by lots of people and gets your blog exposed to a wide audience within no time.